The Gin Has Arrived

Mr. Jin that is! Mr. Jin -potter and owner of one of the local dragon kilns has arrived here for 3 days of making flower pots and water jars. There isn't too much demand for water jars anymore with people turning to refrigeration, so he keeps the boys busy making roof tiles. All he needs to make pots is a couple of pails to hold up his bat at a level he can work on. He takes the bat and sprinkles ash on it before slamming the ball of clay down. This way he doesn't have to cut it off with a wire afterwards. I wonder if the high silica ash acts as a kiln wash as well???
Here he puts down the first coil. He always seems to have just the right amount of clay and the balancing of the coil on his arm defies gravity. He thins out the edge so that he can add another coil. Look at the growth of about 8 inches with each additional coil. He just continues to shuffle slowly around the pot as he makes it. He moves and the pot stays stationary. Look at the beautiful pattern on the inside from his index finger working the coil into place. Tomorrow, I'll show you the finished pieces. Rumour has it I might get to put handles on for him. What an honour that would be!!!


Beautiful...You should steal the technique and use it in reverse for a "natural" roulette surface.
P.S. Where's your fired stuff eh?
Anne Webb said…
Would love to see that video that John Neely is apparently filming.

Have really enjoyed reading your blog. What an incredible experience.

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