Wally World

It's raining and miserable here in Jingdezhen so I thought maybe a trip to Wal-Mart would provide some interesting photos for y'all. I guess you knew I'd head for the food section to see what I could show you to gross you out.
Thought you'd appreciate the bacon and sausage piled up in the aisles and then of course Mr. Duck cut open stem to stern provided a great photo. Nice to see the kids taking advantage of the free library. I then went over to the liquor section to pick up something for my snake bite kit. Feel a little tickle in my throat so I got a bottle of Gordons Gin for 80 yuan ($10.47). The Chinese booze is in these nice clay bottles.The last shot is from the parking lot at Wally's. You can see the little mom and pop restaurant across the road and the demolition going on around to make room for progress. If this really progress?


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