Puttin' the wood to er'

Well today we fired off the double wide. We put a lot of wood thru her. We get these bundles of hardwood strapping and for the side stoking we just feed thru the 12 foot lengths so we don't have to chainsaw them. This is a big kiln and it eats wood like no tomorrow.
It's been t-shirt weather the past few days so I have been unable to make my frozen sawdust logs for cooling so we set up a tank of water and I went to the wood lot and ripped the bark off a bunch of cottonwood logs to soak. I'm off shift and Murf is using the bark so we'll see how it goes.
The younger bucks pulled the grate bars from the fire box to try and straighten them for the next firing. If you leave them in the firebox and cram the box full of wood for the reduction cool the grates bend like the McDonald's arches and then you're lucky if you can even get them out. This is a hot and dangerous job and not for the weak at heart. They cooled the grates after straightening in a snow bank.


ang design said…
what a monster of a kiln... looks like fun!!
Anonymous said…
i have a picture of the boys at NAU doing the same to a glowing grate bar. good times with the double wides.

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