The USU of Old

Three years ago when I started here it was not uncommon for 3 wood kilns to be firing during the week. Since then there has been complaints of smoke by various surrounding office buildings and there has been smog alerts that have kept the kilns from firing any ole day of the week. We are advised to start Friday nights when the administration is off skiing, having champagne parties or whatever administrators do.
Because of budget cuts the faculty have been told that March break is a furlough which means they don't get paid and are not to report to work. Grad students doing research are allowed on campus and yahoo we have the USU of old. Both trains are firing simultaneously. We have hauled about 10 cords of wood for the double wide and here is a pic of the inside of the kiln with rollers for transporting ware into the kiln, Murf coming out the stoke hole since he loaded the front of the chamber with some of Heidi's pots she wanted blasted,and some bundles of side stoking wood that need some chainsawing.


Linda Starr said…
We only have certain days here in California we can burn and have to call an 800 number to get the ok and then can only burn in winter. My little barrel firing put out quite a bit of smoke, I can't imagine how much one of those train kilns puts out. I hope to be in on one of those train firings some day.

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