Show Time

Here are some photos that were taken in the gallery. The big pots I haven't figured out how to photograph properly. The big ware took the macho outta me this go round. Hard to lift, hard to get in and outta the kiln, hard to clean, hard to display and then it gets it's final say with being hard to photograph. My next effort with these babies will be to make them in sections and then PC-7 them together. Oh yeah, they also wanted to lean towards the fire. Thank God, I got sensible and made some work in a more functional scale.


Anonymous said…
the proof is in the tasting... they look beautiful
Anonymous said…
Great Going Tony

"Pots" look spectacular!

If it wasn't for last minute things, well....some things would never get done! But it certainly looks like was an impressive show.

Keep that momentum going!

Looking forward to seeing you when you get back.

Vicki Hamilton said…
The pots are elegant and far-reaching. A lot has been transcended here - more than borders. Ya done good, Tony!
Kelly Savino said…
Tony, you're the man. Thanks so much for sharing the process -- your blog is the greatest,and I feel like I know your "tribe" as well. I know my gang were as much a part of the experience as my profs.

Wishing you a safe journey home. You did it, Tony... There are just no words. Picture a standing O, instead.
FetishGhost said…
I've been coming back to this body of work to enjoy what you've pulled off. Congratulations! Great job!

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