Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde

Here is what the studio work looks like right now. I have two sides to my personality. There is the work for the studio which is mostly carbon trap shino glaze with multiple slips and paper resist. We mostly use a local clay for the slips and one new one that is Robin Hopper's black slip which I think he uses primarily over the glaze for brush work. We find we like it thick and under the shino glaze. It is a Barnard slip variation and therefore produces some nice manganese crystals where thick. I've always advised that there is more money to be made in the living room than the kitchen so I make these plates with a hole in the foot ring so they can be hung on the wall. Sometimes we put them together in a series and sell them as one piece. A fairly inexpensive piece of art that doesn't need to be framed.
I'm making some yunomi's for the AKAR show in March. I start with the basic Coke can shape and cut it apart and put it back together using a thick defloculated slip. They will be glazed in dry ash glaze and the decal part and inside a white shino.


Vicki Hamilton said…
Gorgeous plates Tony! The set of 4 as an "installation" for the wall is lovely and mysterious.
Love your work. We have a studio (Carla's Clay) in beautiful Sarasota, Florida where Robin Hopper is giving a workshop FEB 6th and 7th. We would love to have you! Please email me or call Carla at the studio at 941 359 2773 for more information.
bfreeceramics said…
tc. would you stop messing around and use a white clay for those yonomis? you know me, i know, but i know u..and they'll probably be super dark brown. nice nar by the way and it looks like you're having a flash back to jingdezhen! bfree.
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