Wedgies and butt cracks

I made a series of cups today with my signature wedgies and butt cracks. The wedgie on the foot ring serves a couple of purposes. I tell customers it drains the water outta the foot when in the dishwasher. The real reason I started doing it was to get some atmosphere under the foot. This often gives me a little spot of carbon with the carbon trap glaze or a flash mark in the wood kiln. The butt cracks I make with my grand daughter knife Sheila bought her for carving pumpkins. The but cracks give me an area for the handle but more importantly I like the looks of the marks on the inside of the cup. Glaze often breaks or runs nicely on the ridges.
By the way I didn't come up with wedgies and butt cracks. It was some crazy potter at a workshop we gave in Lansing, Michigan. Those "Merickans' have a strange sense of humour.


FetishGhost said…
Lansing is a very very special place...
Trish said…
You sold me on the wedgie on the foot IS a great idea to get rid of that annoying bit of water that is left in some mugs or glassware.:) I like the style.
wayne Cardinalli said…
Hi Tony & Sheila,
That's a nice mug you have on the end of that handle.
Speaking of handles, I'm starting to get one on this
computer thing.
If I don't see you till then,MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Anonymous said…
Hello Tony and Sheila....
Just a quick hello and a special wish for a Very Merry Christmas, It might be nice the have the old guy around for the first time in a couple of years, so also wishing you both a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.
I hope Tony enjoys his third year days at Sheridan!!

Both of you have always been very good and special to me!!

Doug Trott said…
Now I know what "be of good courage" means. It means, when taking photos of mugs, show the handle's point of attachment! Seriously, I had this revelation looking at your photos. Very nice! But haven't you noticed how most peoples' photos have the mug turned so one can't see how the handles are attached?!
bfreeceramics said…
i'm still using your crack, TC. it looks damn good almost anywhere i put it.
Anonymous said…
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