Spectacles, testacles, wallet and watch

It's that time to check to see if I have everything for the day. Our Christmas studio show is tomorrow December 5th from 9-5. Sheila is a detail person and for the past couple of days she has been tieing bows, putting greens and bells in our planters in the yard, ordering boxes, paper, ribbon, cheese, bread, wine, cider, cookies, making sure we have change etc, etc. So what have I been doing you ask? I dig holes and she fills them in. That's how this relationship works. I carry out boxes, deliver boxes, and work the cash and because of my glowing personality I'm the Wal-mart greeter minus the blue vest. Sheila works in the studio wrapping gifts and attending to the details of the presentation. It's started already I better get out there. Best of the season everyone!


Otto Wenger said…
Best of luck to you both. I hope you have a wonderful, busy and prosperous day!

gz said…
Hope all goes well- I'm packing pots for tomorrow's farmers' market !!
Trish said…
Love the post title..made me laugh as I haven't heard that in a long time..:-) Have a fabulous day celebrating sales, friends and the Season. Hope the snow storms hold off 'til you are finished. There is a good 'ole fashioned storm in Alberta today. :-)
Cheers. Trish from Alberta

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