Upside Down

Since I got back from Cape Cod, a new quarter semester has started at Sheridan College and I have two new assignments that have pretty well turned my life upside down and hence my lack of attention to you my faithful readers. I am the Faculty Advisor for the graduating class and must whip them into shape for 4 soon upcoming gallery exhibitions. There are lots of great ideas but many are still struggling with the technical aspects of realizing what is in their mind. I also agreed to teach Ceramic Art History and this course can consume one's mind.
Home here at the studio I threw some of my "Big Rolls" and saw them today in a different way- upside down.  I think the next ones will have a thrown slab bottom and instead of adding a foot ring that will be a a gallery for a lid. These will be large jars instead of large casseroles. Often at school I turn students work upside down and it often benefits from this orientation. I think being upside down for awhile has given me a new form in my repertoire.


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