I'm sitting here in the comfort of 4 seats on my way to do a workshop in Kingston, Ontario. No taking off most of my winter clothing , shoes, belt, hat, glasses, no de-icing, no squeezing next to a guy that really requires two seats. No kids screaming out of terror or wanting to go #2 when the fasten your seat belt sign is still on. No running to meet a connection when your flight arrives the very minute your connecting flight was destined to leave. I have complimentary Wi-fi so I can do a blog and contact YOU!


Anonymous said…
No one came by and made you put your feet down? Here in NY the conductors would have a fit it you put your feet up- even if the train was empty!

Marcey Sherman
john said…
Daddy, what's a train?

gz said…
It looks as if there is something between the boots and the seat...

Not enough folks on the train, or nice high seats?

Trains need to be busier, so that we still have trains! Its lovely travelling by train, seeing everything you can't see from car or plane.

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