Michael and Peiter

When I think back on what has influenced my work I have to say the casserole made by Michael Cardew in Africa has to be my number one favourite pot and biggest influence. I saw this pot for sale at an auction house for  around $1800 and thought if only!!! I love this pot and tried to copy  it many times as a young potter. My big rolls are a direct influence of this pot. The paintings of Peiter Bruegal the Flemish painter had me lusting to attend a 15-16 century drunken orgy just so that I could drink from one of those handsome steins with the thumbed bottom. I often think I belong to another age.


gz said…
I saw one of those MC casseroles in 1975. Even better "in the flesh".

In an exhibition, so I had to keep my hands in my pockets!!
nick friedman said…
Is that woodfired slipware?

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