Gator, Catfish and Deep Fried Dill Pickles

A lot of clay got slung today at my workshop at Castroville Pottery here in the heart of Texas. After work Tim and Gloria my gracious hosts took me for dinner- where else would you eat gator, catfish and deep fried dill pickles? It's a 104F in the shade here so we took a ride around town in Tim's 1936 Chevy fire truck. This is "the" most beautiful historic town I have ever visited with these wonderful homes with stone walls 2 to 4 feet thick. People are cooling off floating down the lazy river.

I highly recommend you look up the Castroville Pottery My buddy glaze guru Johnnie Britt is coming here to do a workshop here in August. Great Inn down the street, excellent restaurants and amazing Texan hospitality. As for quality of workshops this one has set a new standard.


gz said…
Deep fried pickles sounds good!!
Unknown said…
LOVE that little brick building! I highly recommend Britt's workshop, having just attended one at Bailey Pottery. He totally changed my feelings about glazing. Now it's fun!!

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