Sketching at the wheel

Because I do a lot of composite/sectional throwing it is my custom to make a drawing of the pieces I intend to put together. I made a sketch of an hour glass type vase with a narrow bottle top. When I put the two cylinders together the vase looked really tall and cylindrical so the narrow bottle top would have made them real tall boyzzzzzz. So I just added a coil and extended the lip a bit.  The wheel work when all assembled looked  nothing like I had sketched. So there ya have a vase of 7 parts. Two joined cylinders, a coil lip, a throw foot, a slab inserted into the opening of the foot ring and the signature 2 handles. It is no wonder I don't make any money in this business. I need to stop caring so much about details and additions. I need to watch Issac Button A Country Potter again. I need to go work at strawberry pot pottery in rural Georgia.  I need to go work with this guy!
Afgan potter making bowls


Yes, but don't they look great!

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