The lawnmower ate my homework!

It's not that I've been neglect in doing my blog.  I have been cameraless. A few years ago my trusty Lumix fell out of my fleece pocket while cutting the lawn on my man tractor.  I spotted what looked to be the chip from a camera. I had mowed my Lumix into iddy biddy pieces. That was replaced by a cheapie Nikon Coolpix which really didn't give me good pics. I bought another trusty Lumix and I abused it. It spent most of it's life in the studio, the clay classroom and in the end it succumbed to dust. The telescoping lens froze on me. So yesterday I went to my camera store- no not Best Buy or Wallyworld but a real camera store with people that know their stuff and will be there next week or next month or next year when you need some help.
My camera woman suggested I get the Lumix that is waterproof for taking pics of bath tub bubbles, it's dustproof since the telephoto is internal and it is shock proof and can be dropped 10 feet. Nothing in the manual about lawnmowers though. It's a little heavier than my others but still good for the jean pocket. So I'm back!


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