The Best of 3 Worlds

I've been super busy with the move and my change of life. I gotta say I am running from pillar to post but all seem to be great places to be. I'm teaching 3 days a week at Sheridan with an incredible bunch of students. We held the Hopper workshop on the weekend with 150 in attendance and then had a private day with Grass on Monday. He asked the students to dress for Halloween and they were all decked out. We had an intimate day with him that was really the icing on the cake of a great workshop. Since the closing of our studio I need to bridge the transition and have been spending 2 days a week with my cousin Brenda at Pinecroft trying to help her keep up with the demand for pots that have been built up there over the past 63 years. Here is a pic of my walk across the pond from the pottery to the showroom/restaurant for my yummy lunch.
Then the other two days of week we're settling into our urban downtown location. No big box stores in sight but a vibrant Locke Street that is full of great shops for chocolates, cheese, bagels, a glass of wine, a tankard of beer or just around the corner is Hess Village full of great dining establishments.
Hopefully by Christmas break I'll be putting our studio together. I'm starting to dream of new work and that's a good sign.


Anonymous said…
Looking forward to seeing new pots from you and Sheila. I will miss your awesome shino beauties.
Big changes in your lives, but it looks like you are embracing them with gusto!!

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