My New Hood

We live just off Locke Str on Canada Str right smack dab in the middle of The Hammer, Steel Town, Art is the New Steel or The Lunch Bucket City. This is a blue collar town and what's sooooooo great about our area is it doesn't have any BIG BOX STORES. The small street Canada is alive and well. We have small shops that will tell ya how to cook your steaks. I've shown you a few of the little shops but I neglected to show you the number of dogs at Starbuck's this morning. Every yuppie has a dog, or two, or three and the dogs wear bandanas  to match their owner's  for Heaven's Sakes. I keep wanting to tell them I ate dog in China and it wasn't all that bad washed down with a Tsingtao or two.


That looks like a dangerous neighborhood--diet-wise! But very friendly and neighborly. Wish you a long and happy life there!
Anonymous said…
HEY Tony....all I need now is an address and a Phone number so I can drop in and see you and take you and Sheila for a coffee or a beer?
Email me or post it here!


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