Mrs. Claus

Well Mrs. Claus is starting to decorate. This will be our first Christmas in 23 years where we haven't sold pots from our studio. We're not going to miss the being home all day watching to see if a car is in the driveway but we are going to miss the cash. We're also going to miss the customers that came each holiday to buy their gifts, and exchange good wishes.

I went to Home Depot today and saw cars with Christmas trees on top. At our old studio we always bought a live tree and planted it after Christmas. Now that we are urban potters we don't have the land to plant trees. Interlocking brick courtyard and some decorative Japanese maples, lilacs and some white birch and that is our forest.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a good place to be. Are you and Sheila making any pots yet?
Wish I could drop by to wish you a Happy Holiday! Enjoy your new place in the world!
Leslie Edell said…
We just realized this weekend that you had moved! Where will you be selling your beautiful pots? I love my coffee mugs and my tea pot and my little bowls......
All the best and enjoy your new home.

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