Content Providing

Apparently we are no longer potters, musicians, poets, painters or jewelers. We are "Content Providers"! What the hell is that? I am a potter and I rather like that moniker. If you have a day this weekend here is a great little itinerary for you. Go to see our show "High and Low" a survey of the pots of Sheila and Tony Clennell, then trip over to The Hammer for the WHAT tour (West Hamilton Artists Tour). We live in a great hood with lots of great antique stores, used clothing stores, pubs, restaurants, bakeries and there are 10 studios to visit.  Emily Carr is in town this weekend and is 15 minute walk from our house at the Hamilton Art Gallery. Hamilton- where art is the new steel.


Dennis Allen said…
If I make a mug, the "content provider" is called a barrista.
Anonymous said…
Whoever asked this question shows an obvious lack of the most vital creature content'INTELLECT'. No wonder there's a derth of skilled potters. The need to market the 'dross' as the real gold is diminishing us all.
Anonymous said…
My initial reaction to the idea that potters were 'content providers' was one of total disbelief in the stupidity of the concept. When we started potting, some fifty years ago, it was stressed that a potters pot required integrety.
I'm not sure the move from integrety to content is a step forward.
Perhaps this next generation of potters and those who teach them should remember the need for integrety in the pots being produced.
If you need to have the concept of integrety explained to you then you have yet to find it.
Tony, your pots have always had integrety!
Ross Munro said…
It sounds like there is an aspiring politician writing the copy. Take the character and individuality away from the concept, make it generic, and you have only the "content provider", stripped of it's content.
There must be a formula for doing this somewhere in academia.

Thanks for showing us your work and entertaining us with your wit.

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