High and Low

Starting tomorrow May 5th there is a "survey" of our work from the past 25 years. Thankfully it is a survey and not a retrospective so that means we're still alive.  Titled "High and Low" it will be showing at The Burlington Arts Center from May 5th to July 29th. If you are in the area please go have a look. It includes work from our 3 potteries. Gleason Brook Pottery on the Bruce Peninsula, Sour Cherry Pottery on the Niagara Peninsula and now our new unnamed pottery in downtown Hamilton. We gotta stop moving around.
When you make the number of pots that we do it is hard to keep track of where the gooduns' are.  We own probably 5 pieces of our work. We are indebted to customers that have become friends that have collected our work and they have graciously loaned it to us for the show.
Jonathon Smith has done a remarkable job of curating the show and wrote some really insightful thoughts about our work. Never thought of us as wabi sabi potters but I do know that the work we like to make and use shows marks of process.
High and Low  means a bunch of things. Change in latitude, change in attitude, change in temperatures, change in life style, and probably most of all the ups and downs, highs and lows of making a living as a couple of potters in the 21st century.


Carolyn F said…
After finding out yesterday at the Hamilton guild sale about yours and Sheila's big move I've been a time travelling blog reader. Love your new work! Kudos to you both. Have you tried the Black Forest Inn on King St.? My fav Bavarian restaurant.

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