Not everyone's cuppa

I posted pics of these pots on Facebook today and God and Gary didn't like them. Good God they're ugly! said Gary. On the other hand Phil Rogers sent a thoughtful comment Phil wrote: "Tony...these are terrific. Its hard to take a medium and, with all the history, make it your own. These are quite different....very nice indeed."
I was pleased with both these reactions as we have made a living for some 25 years making pots that not everyone likes. 33 years ago I built a wood kiln when oatmeal and iron spots were all the rage. Then about 13 years ago someone told me "shino doesn't sell!' We made our living for the past 13 years from shino. Now shino and wood fire are all the rage and we could have rested on our laurels and been the grandparents around the bonfire.
We are both thrilled with this huge tray of colours and are liking the uptown contemporary look.  It took us about 3 years to nail the shino and even then when we thought we had it figured out it would nip us in the butt.  I figure you'll have to cut us some slack with this e-ware.

Here are the wee bourbon sippers and Sheila's diamond wall pieces.


gz said…
I like them!....but I do prefer rims that are tidy!!
smartcat said…
I am really enjoying what you are doing with earthenware. Speaking as one who works entirely in terra cotta , I think low fire wants to be hidebound sometimes. You've brought a fresh eye to the world of e-ware.....colors and designs look good enough to eat.'ve got me thinking about mugs again!
Kimmie in Houston said…
Tony, I love your paintings on this earthenware! Lively, expressive, colorful, energetic, frenzied, smooth & jazzy, contrastic and the slip and glazing looks absolutely yummy.
Juju said…
I think of the colors of some of Sam Francis' paintings when I see these pieces.

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