Croissants, lobster tails and food for thought

Sometimes with this blog I look and don't see anyone out there and I wonder if I write this just for myself. Which in itself would not be a bad thing as I find writing it down makes me think about it. It was so nice to receive your comments on the blog and off. Some called the handles croissants and others saw lobster tails. Off list I got some really good food for thought from some young potters that are wondering about the current trend towards "narrative" in pots and wondering how to keep it fresh and stay alive making good functional pots.  On the same day I got a note from a professor doing a research paper entitled "Where have all the potters gone?". I tried to answer in an email but thought holy shit this is going to be a book.
I am thrilled that some of you take the time to look and read this blog. I think a great deal about pots and have probably been harder on me than anyone. Here is a pic of a plate by Phil Yordy of Conestoga River Pottery. Phil is a potter of 3 or 4 decades that is taking my course at Pinecroft. The thought of teaching good people keeps me on my  tip toes which makes me almost 5'10".


Dennis Allen said…
Sometimes I Blog, get no comments and wonder if there is intelligent life out there. Then I Blog, get comments and wonder if there is intelligent life out there. Not really. Actually, I find the blogging community to be thinking people who are pretty well informed.It would be nice to hear from some of them more often.It may be that people hold you in such high esteem that they feel they have nothing to add that could compete with your commentary.
Tracey Broome said…
This is eerie, I was in my studio today thinking about how pottery has become so gimmicky with everyone using decals, and image transfer, all trying to outdo one another. I just want to make a pot with a beautiful form, but I feel like I would be so boring with all the narrative going on. Where HAVE all the potters gone!?
Ps: I do read your blog regularly, just don't always comment:)
Dennis Allen said…
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Dennis Allen said…
Tony, thanks for the proposal. My reply is at
jffollies said…
O.K. I read you all of the time and every time I try to comment I can't seem to prove I'm not a robot. So here goes again: if I get through I want you to know I eally enjoy your blog.And if I get through please relay the same message to Mr. Hopper whom I can't seem to get to either.
klineola said…

Shaking the comment-bush over here in NC, boss!

I write because it helps sort out the thoughts of someone who, like a lot of us, works in solitary. Although I don't comment as often as I should, I read the blogs when I can. It keeps me connected.

Thanks for writing.

P.S. It's warmer than Ohio here in NC. just saying.
FetishGhost said…
Still out here and still paying attention. I can't speak for others, but I've been learning from and growing thanks in large parts to your words for quite a few years. That would include the back pages of CM as well.
Don't fret, you may be "singing in the shower", but it sounds goooood.
Anonymous said…
I'll add my 2 cents worth Tony...i check into yours and quite a few bloggers i've found thro i'm always here, reading, thinking and pondering. i've also had some issues in the past with Blogger and trying to make comments....but it seems to be working right now...or maybe.....we'll see when i hit the button. you always give me pause to think about life as a potter....thanks for all the words man :)

cheers, linda
wabi sabi said…
iI will always remember your comment
There are those that want to and those that HAVE to make pots. It summed up for me so much.
Cheers Adam Beales
p.s. I read your blog every week
Chiming in to let you know that I read your blog. I almost didn't comment, so I am sure there are many other silent readers out there!
Anonymous said…
I'm here, can't you hear me breathing??? I love a good blog with great pictures and stimulating musings. Yours fits the bill! Thank you.
aissa said…
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Unknown said…
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