2 door hardtop

My Dad's 55 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 was a turquoise and white two door hardtop. The big woodie also has two doors and 9 inch thick hard brick arch covered with 3 inches of fiber and a hardtop made of  insulating castable and Portland cement. We covered the firebox arch too. Donovan thinks this will be a slow cooler with all the mass and the insulation. Kilns are so poorly insulated these days people have resorted to firing down to get good glaze results.


John Brien said…
That is one beautiful kiln. Thanks for the construction pictures. Can't wait to see the pots coming out. Keep the pictures coming.
smartcat said…
Thanks for taking us through the process of building the kiln. It was built with more care and thought than many houses these days. Does is have a name yet? Perhaps The Rocket?

I hope you will keep posting progress.

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