Georgia Good Ole Boyzzzzzzzz

Our workshop with Ronnie the Rat Meyers is coming up on us quickly. It has been  a pleasure to have watched Ronnie over the years making better and even better work. I hope at age 78 my work shows as much love of process as his. Ronnie is one of those that needs to make pots. He needs to for his very soul. It is not for the money but for the love of his work. He is an inspiration to me. I have suggested we

will fire the pigs, the rats, the goats, the cats, the whole damn menagerie in our wood kiln this summer. My ole aunt and uncle would be tickled to death to see the whole barnyard coming out of the dream that was once theirs. We still have space in the workshop so snooze ya loose.
This is a pic of me, Ronnie and Ted Saupe at the U of Georgia.


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