Big Glaze Job

We're getting ready for take off in the new woodie. Kiln shelves and posts are all kiln washed. The interior of the kiln has been glazed with a wash of 65 Custer, 25 Kaolin, 10 Whiting. This has been suggested over the years as a way of getting a good firing right from the get go. The porous bricks suck up a lot of the alkaline vapour that you want on your pots. Donovan maintains it prolongs the life of a hard brick kiln substantially. Should be a sexy interior with a clear over a firebrick yellow brick. Notice the floor and bag wall weren't glazed. Kiln posts have to be put on the floor and the bag wall will need altering depending on results of the firing. The door frame was painted with regular kiln wash as bricks would stick to the glaze.


Cyndi said…
Good luck. Hope you have a fantastic first firing.
Anonymous said…
Question, was this wall "glaze" fired separately from the first "ware" wood firing, or during the first "ware" firing.

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