Ain't misbehavin'!

It's been about 8 months since my old buddy (Tommy) the  Thomas Stuart wheel and I have danced together. I've had other dance partners but I do like my horse- Tommy. . It was like being reunited with an old love.  I ain't misbehavin'! I'm doing the laundry, cooking some turkey soup and making some pots with no "FU" element to them. These are easy pots for me and I need them in a hurry. I'm supposed to be mentoring a great bunch of wood firers and we are firing this Thursday and I ain't got a pot to piss in. I do now have a window to throw it out so life is good. I quickly put together a working basement studio yesterday and was making pots last night. I felt 27 again. Now laundry to be folded, shirts to be ironed and dishes to be put away. A man's work is never done!


Brenda Neall said…
As someone else who has a basement studio, I highly recommend them. The 13 step commute is great!
Dennis Allen said…
If you ain't misbehavin' you ain't trying hard enough.

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