Veteran's Day

It is a coincidence that 260 Fingers piggy backs on Remembrance Day. I am home from a successful show with many of my clay war heroes. I have known these people, their work and their sacrifices for the craft of clay for over 3 decades. They are my heroes! I was able to catch up with old friends Leta and Don Cormier, John Ikeda, Richard Gill, Tim Storey, and of course Chandler Swain. New kids on the block Reid Flock and Bill Reddick are friends of the last two decades- mere rookies. New friends were made and as I drove the 7 hours home I thought of how craft has changed and the vets have hung in there. On our tombstones it will read something of what we left on this earth. Mediocrity is the enemy of the good and all of the 260 rise above that. It was my very pleasure to be in such good company. You have inspired me to soldier on. I'd rather work till the final breath than sit on a beach sipping a drink outta a half a coconut with a umbrella straw. I made my students promise if i croaked during a firing  they would prop me up beside the firebox, put some of the devil's liquid on my smiling lips and continue the firing. Dang,
I like potters and hanging with them.


Anonymous said…
I think comparing potters to our true Canadian war heroes, some of them who lost their lives, is pretentious and demeaning to them.
Dennis Allen said…
When I die
Don't bury me at all.
Hang me up
on the factory wall.
Place a bobbin in my hand
So I can keep on workin'
in the promised land....

Winnesboro Cotton Mill Blues.

I like hanging out with potters too. We'll have to do it together some time.
Chandler said…
Hey Tony,
The pleasure was all ours. We were totally inspired to have you in the show. Thanks for making the effort to haul all those gorgeous pots across the province...I think we have many good years left to do this nutty work . Arent we lucky?

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