President of CYA Club

I am the self elected President of the Cover Your Arse Club. I am up early and off to unload some pots from the gas kiln. I have some qing hua (blue and white) dinner plates and cups coming out. I really love these as a contrast to the other wood fired nonsense that I do. I found a chun clear glaze that is a baby blue that I can live with and it looks handsome over Andrew's black slip and some thick white slip. I have then added cobalt blue brushwork. I am layering and layering more parts to the surface these days. I wonder what Freud would say? Never mind Freud I'm thinking about my friend Grass who has kept pushing me to find that sensitive side of me. God, it's been a long hard haul.  Hell, I even thought I might take flowers to Doc Ric Agel when I go stay with him in Georgia. It's good being me!


Vicki Hamilton said…
Yes, it's good being you!
Carol S said…
Yes, you are at your best being you.

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