Crazy meet Crazy

Kimmy Harcourt wrote: I've always loved both your pots and your musings/rants and words of wisdom.

Dear Kimmy: Do you realize the buzz it is for me to see a young person that some 20 years ago was all eyes grow to become such a fine potter? I remember well the workshop from Hell.It was probably my first workshop ever. There was an ice storm and we had no heat, no light, no electricity and yet we continued with the workshop. Your mum who loved you dearly drove you thru the storm each day to be sure you were safe and sound. Should have known then that you had the bug really bad.
Since then you went on to be the clay technologist for Tucker's Pottery Supplies the last 20 years, built a wood kiln, made and fired some superb pots. Proof of those good pots were at the recent Women that Wood Show at the Carnegie Gallery.
You have built a foundation to build a career on. No short cuts, no learning exclusively from U-tube, no business name and an Etsy account before you could even centre. You have done your homework over the course of 20+ years. Where did they go????
This is called a commitment to the craft. Welcome to the Mutual Admiration Society. Potters that admire other potters who have done their homework, put in the hours, taken their licks, won some and lost some, talk the talk and walk the walk,
Hold my hand baby and I'll escort you to hell. It may be the insane asylum for most people it is home to me. It is where all the good stokers reside. Frank Tucker will be there too. He can't stoke worth a shit because he can't stop talking but he pours a damn fine drink so he is always welcome. Hey Doc all women are crazy! How much crazy can you handle? For me the crazier the better. Crazy meet Crazy.


smartcat said…
"You must be mad," said the Cat (to Alice), "or else you would not have come here."
Unknown said…
Paying your dues . It's a steep price with or without $$$$ . I always say anyone that has the desire with fire 🔥 will find a way to burn . No excuses accepted . It's a journey for all of us and it's never ending ❤️
The geek part of online presentation is my newest hurdle to conquer and I'm working on the getting out of the studio more to be with my tribe i.e. All of your readers and especially you Tony !

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