The Richest Man in the Room

Helga Eckstein wrote reminding me of my accomplishments and how I encourage so many beginning potters.  Not to worry Helga I left some very enthusiastic potters in Sag Harbour. I don’t want a Maserati. Where would my chain saw go? Where would the boxes of clay fit? How would I drive thru the mud in the pines?
Last year at The Rochester Potters Invitational I remember sitting around with the whose who of the northern NY pottery community and my buddy Dan Finnegan said to the group “I am the richest man in the room!” Dan was referring to the richness of his life, his friendships, and his love of the clay community. I have never forgotten that statement and that moment. Dan’s sentiments have stayed with me as I reflect on my life. I can't wait to see Dan again in October. 
Here is a pic of Clyde Jones NC Critter Artist and me this March when I was a presenter at the NC Potters Conference. What an amazing privilege for me to present to 150 potters and then to spend the time with fellow artist Clyde who is so rich in love from his community and all the children’s charities that he donates his art to.  Clyde told Russian dancer Baryshnikov “ If you want to be famous you should work with children.  Clyde lives  childishly happy  in what must be considered abject

poverty.  What would Clyde do with a Maserati? He would probably give it a good paint job with house paint like he did his tractor and duct tape the chain saw on the trunk.  It would be the coolest Maserati in town. Everything Clyde sees he turns into his art.
I am privileged to have been asked to be a presenter at The Alabama Potters Conference in February 2017. This conference is over 250 potters. I do love the south and the southern hospitality that has been shown to me there. Plans are to go help my buddy Ronnie the Rat fire the Ratagama in Georgia end of Jan then sweet home Alabama mid Feb. That means this rich man is wintering in the south.

I actually have the entire fall to make pots here at home. Wow, this is going to be a treat. I hope I can stand myself for that long.  Sorry Dan but I am the richest man in this room!


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