Some kids get a Barbie

I raised a political junkie. Her mum and I used to say her first words were not mummy or daddy but “it isn’t fair!” So her career as a labour leader started as soon as she could speak. She has turned out to be quite a kid and it appears she is raising my grand daughter Julia to be quite a kid. Robin was attending a wedding in New Brunswick last week and drove thru the US because that drive thru Vermont is so beautiful. Vermont could very well be a province of Canada. They are as close to being Canadians as it gets. Some call us socialists. We just call it sharing.
 Having participated in her fair share of protests and rallies she was attracted to one she thought might be political. When she asked what was going on the people told her they were on a Billy Graham tour to every state in the union to pray for the country. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures but I ain’t betting on that plan.
So at less than one year old Julia has a Bernie doll, takes piano lessons, yoga classes, and swimming lessons with her mum. She also has a membership to the Art Gallery of Ontario that allows her to take 5 of her little friends. 

I don’t do politics when in the US. It ain’t my country and none of my business.  We do pay attention to the elephant though because when it rolls over we run for cover or get squished. I will say I think we in Canada were smart to have elected a youthful Prime Minister. It is time for the likes of young leaders like my kid Robin to step up and deliver what is relevant today.  Barbie ain’t just a pretty skinny white girl no mo!  She comes in lots of colours and sizes and she is really

smart.  I wonder if Julia and her doll Bernie will get invited to the Barbie party?


"Some call us socialists. We just call it sharing."
Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
I'm a zealous Bernie supporter. The U.S. would be a lot better off in many ways if it were more like Canada. I'm all for Canadian "socialism." :)

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