Dah-ling of Hand building

Heather Smit has fast become the dah-ling of hand built pottery in the province of Ontario.
When I started the week long courses here at Pinecroft it was to offer an intensive week of eating, sleeping, making and talking about pots for people that couldn't spend a couple of years in school.
A good maker and teacher can in one week give you enough information to last you more than a year. In fact it could quite possibly change your making life altogether.
There are many that make nice pots but the secret of the one week courses is to have someone that not only makes nice pots but can teach. These are the people I brought to Pinecroft over the past 4 years.
Lots of people start in clay with hand building. Few do it well! They seem to stop at the drape or slump mould. Hand building can not only add interest to your thrown work but it can increase the scale of your work in a big way.
I have seen work done by Heather's students and it has been superb. A good teacher produces excellent students.
There is room in the course. Come for Heather's course and stay for Jen Allen's. We are having a wood firing the weekend in between so this is hard core.
Great design!

Yesterday I mentioned "referencing" Anyone see a tin can????


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