Hit my hand with a mallet

I've been in a bit of funk of late. I think it may have been anticipation of my visit with the surgeon today to see about my hand. A very bright young woman Doctor that is also is a prof at Western U  gave me two options 1. Surgery, it's free and I will be laid up for 6 weeks. #2 injections which will help dissolve the cord  (cost $1400) and then 4 days later I go back and the Dr. manipulates my fingers and hand to try to break the cord. She said in both cases your hand can swell up like it has been hit by a mallet. With the injections it's like it got hit once with a mallet and with the surgery twice. I haven't not made pots for 6 weeks straight since I was in my early 20's. The thought of all that down time was depressing me.
With the injections I can use my swollen hand right away unless there are skin tears and in that case I need to wear a rubber glove.
I came home Sunday night from the Guelph Potters Market knowing I had to get to work. I am hosting Heather Smit and Jen Allen here at Pinecroft for two weeks and having a firing with the Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers in between the two workshops and and and I have no pots made.
I half heartedly made some casseroles. "So what" pots in my estimation.
With today's good news I came home and got rolling on some mallet vases. I figure if she is going to hit me with a mallet it ought to be one of my choosing. I'll lug or handle them tomorrow. Felt my mojo back this aft. Going to fill one with flowers and take one to my Dr. when she goes to hurt me. Maybe she will give me extra drugs or go gentle.
When I was a teenager going to the dentist my dad told me to reach down and grab the dentist by the private parts, look him straight in the eye and say " We aren't going to hurt one another are we?". Dad ya can't do stuff like that today. I will try the flowers in a mallet vase.
The other good news is I can postpone it until late August. I am teaching throwing
Mallet vases

Mallet vases and so what casseroles in background

Some beaked jugs from last night- mojo starting up.
at Hood College in Maryland for two weeks in July and I am really looking forward to that.


bptakoma said…
You got a racer jug to add to my collection of pitchers? Hood's within driving distance...

crackle, shino, some of those "nipple" lugs in inappropriately suggestive locations, any other personality of the potter attachment welcome.

B Pitcherr

Anonymous said…
We all should grab life and the odd person by the balls.

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