The bedroom as a cure for creative drought.

"And wondering if this is some kind of creative drought." - Lying in bed like Brian Wilson did- The Barenaked Ladies
I don't know much about Feng Shui but I do believe in the invisible forces of energy that enter your body by being in nature or somewhere nice, and peaceful. So many of you are inspired by nature. I am energized by the surroundings of my house, music, words and art.
I have taken to making my bedroom a nice destination at the end of the day. I mentioned in a previous blog post I make my bed first thing before even coffee. This is an army procedure that makes it so at the very least you have accomplished something in your day. It also makes bed a welcoming place at the end of a hard spent day.
Jeff Payne GA, Clyde Jones NC, Ilona Fekete, BC Outsider Artists

I just purchased a Ilona Fekete folk art painting. Ilona said she makes paintings to make people happy and I knew that was just what I wanted in my bedroom. I bought the 3 wise owls. It is a painting for me that represents me and my two kids happy together. I have moved my three outsider paintings into my boudoir as they all make me smile when I look at them.
A happy painting of 3 owls by Ilona Fekete, BC

I have also made it a place to lie and listen to music before I drift off.  Music always makes me happy even when it's the Blues or is political with a strong message.
A globe for my love of travel, Bose speaker and David Stuempfle bottle.

I am a little ashamed of the condition of my bedroom bookcase. I plan to organize and attend to it.
You don't need to have a view of The Rocky Mountains, The Great Divide, The Mississippi or a beautiful hardwood forest. You just need to be creative about your space. Of course Mother Nature is better at it than you but she's had more practice. Creativity takes time, courage, and imagination. You are artists, aren't you?
$10 art- a rusty sign

Cast iron bra and bullet proof panties by Dog Bite Steel

I love crows- Mary Philpott tile


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