When Life Distracts Me

I haven't written a blog post for awhile simply because I have been going full tilt boogie. I am teaching a two week course here at Pinecroft and when I get into teaching I don't sleep very well since I go to bed thinking about tomorrow and the students work.
double handled teapots on pedestals

My new variation of a bacon bowl handle

 When I go to an exhibition I get so absorbed in the moment I forget to take pictures. My mind is too busy to think about what I'd love to tell you. I can tell you that this class is using one heckava pile of clay. There are pots in four rooms at the studio.
We started with cups as a warm up went to big casseroles, bacon bowls, jugs, vases, teapots and we are finishing with cut and altered plates. I crashed on the couch of the wood kiln room this afternoon since I was hit hard with a cold. Giving too much and not sleeping enough. Tomorrow I'll get them to put their pots together and we'll take a group picture. I'm very impressed with the work they are doing. Every one of them has made a 25 lb casserole even a women with two years part time pottery. It's technique not muscle. I think they are all surprised at how good their work is turning out.  Good teachers turn out excellent students.


Anonymous said…
It's so true, good dedicated teachers inspire their students to aim high and challenge themselves.
gz said…
good teacher and a damn fine potter...look after yourself!!

looking out for that joint photo.....
Anonymous said…
Absolutely stunning
Anonymous said…
Great to hear that there is hope for people studying pottery part-time, when we find the right teachers. Don't retire before I can make it to one of your classes!

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