I plan to fire the wood kiln in October. This will be my first firing of 2020. I will be putting together a skeleton crew that I will call "The Boneshakers". I can't have The Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers due to keeping the bubble small and tiptoeing to the cliff. 

A skeleton walks into a bar and orders a beer and a mop!

On a positive this will be the first firing in 40 where I have had over 20% of the kiln.  I'll actually have over 50% of the kiln. The kiln and I have been for hire. Last October I looked at the kiln wear and considered that 2021 I will be age 70. I only have so many more pots left in my hands and I want them wood fired. I  was spending months each year collecting, splitting, stacking and firing mostly for someone else. How long can I do this and how many more firings can I expect from the kiln? 

I'm trying some new things since I am not firing for someone else. I plan to add an entire day to the firing. I want more jam!

Also in an effort to add the jam I have taken the advice of one of the guru's of juice- Dick Lehman. Thanks Dick. I had resurrected my Uncle Jimmie's 70 year old ball mill and attempted to grind blue gin bottle glass. It was taking forever. Dick contacted me and suggested I ball mill wood ash and add some cobalt. I did that and one mill of ash with 1% iron. The ash is being sieved on to the pots. 

Another tip from a friend was to make a solution of a gallon of hot water, 50 grams of soda ash and paint the solution on the pots. Being a get er done kinda guy I held the pots upside down and  I poured the solution on the pots. 

So if all goes well my friend and retired IT person Dawn Ellis is helping me put together a website. i hope to have some fired pots to show y'all by end of October. Be safe and well my brothers and sisters of clay. T

Here is a dish of wood ash ball milled with 1% RIO.


Anonymous said…
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sheapottery said…
With respect, why are you spending your time cutting wood when you could be making pots? If you're renting out space in the kiln, hire some young locals who need some money and build that cost into the cost of the firing for the participants. Your time and expertise are better spent on making work and managing the firing.
Tony Clennell said…
Sheapottery: I have a strong back and a weak mind. I actually enjoy cutting and splitting just not so much. My clay supplier gave the same advice. Don't reclaim your clay, throw it out and make a teapot instead. Somehow at the end of the month I don't seem to have the money the t-pot was supposed to give me. Finance 301 was the only course in my entire life I failed. Maybe you can see why. Best, T

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