Cow Pie Dilema

 It was one of the first dozen books I added to my Ceramics library as I started out in the mid 70's making pots. The book "The Mud Pie Dilema" - A master potters struggle to make Art and Ends Meet first published in 1977. How can I mould a life like Tom and Elaine Coleman? This iconic pottery couple will be presenting at the North Carolina Potters Conference in Seagrove March 21. That is God willing and the creek don't rise! Tom is one of the best presenters I've seen. He has the charisma, the stories, the tricks and amazing throwing and decorating skills. Don't miss this couple who have walked the walk for 50+ years.

Amazing what 25 years will do to a guy!

I read a little piece by Anne Bokma entitled "Cow Pie Hill" where she is standing on a hill in one of her favourite spots in the world. A field covered in cow pies. The view of a beautiful blue sky, hills and butterflies. So you can look down at all the cow pies or you can enjoy the sky, the hills and the butterflies.

As I ready for my first wood firing of 2020 I started thinking about a potters struggle to make Art and ends meet. I always thought it would get easier. It hasn't! I never thought when I first met Tom that I too would become a "gigger". The gigs came to a screaming halt in March.  We are all making an effort to reinvent ourselves. 

Mostly today I was thinking of the gang I met at The Minnesota Potter's Festival -Tony Ferguson, Joe Frank McKee and others that do the craft circuit. These guys don't look at the cow pies- the travel, the packing, the loading, the inclement weather, the possibility of poor turnouts. They love doing what they do and I recall them shouting to each other on departure as they packed their well organized vans- see ya in Texas, see ya in Wyoming, see ya in NC , see ya here, see there. Hope these guys are doin' alright. 

So true "use it or loose it!". I haven't glazed for months. I usually make garbage pails full but I only had small little 5 gallon pails not big enough for dipping the rolls. I had no choice but to spray. Spraying is a cow pie to me. It was a beautiful day though and I can't wait to see what the I have in the back half of the kiln. 

Let your heart guide you more wisely than your head.- Gregory David Roberts

Be well my brothers and sisters of clay.  Watch your step. T


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