Tony Come Lately

I know Covid has been hard on a bunch of folks. We can dwell on it's negative vibes on our lives or we can look to see how it may have improved our lives. Impossible you say! 

My work itinerary was completely wiped clean by Covid. That was a big time bummer!  For the longest time I slept thinking there was no purpose in getting up to work. I've made pots since January and haven't yet had a wood firing. It's about bloody time. I can't even remember what is in the first half of the kiln.

 I just spent a wonderful few days with my kids and their kids. The loves of my life!!1 We laughed at my cooking and parental skills. I cooked to feed us not to make anything fantastic. 

My Dad Smokie the First was a great cook, gardener and devoted his life to the Boy Scouts of Canada with camping, canoeing and fund raising for the cause. I wondered why it hadn't rubbed off on me. 

Covid taught me the reason. I was so busy with my career working harder, harder and harder to be at the top of my game. My travel schedule over the past few years has left little time for me to catch my breath and grab wee snatches of time with my family. That ain't ever going to happen again. 

So now I am a gardener, an apprentice cook, my own interior decorator, a flower arranger, a driven cyclist, and much more than a potter. The flower arranger began today when I went down to Lisa's for a $5 bouquet and she was sold out so I thought OK go home and make your own. It doesn't matter where you start, it's where you end up!" President Obama.


bonnie said…
What the hell...thats my comment to the anonymous comment!

Tony, glad to read this post. I too feel like pottery takes all my energy and I always want to make more, but I strive to step ride my bike, hike, garden , cook , listen to music and hang with fam. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Nice that you come to realize that it is the people that care about you that are so much more important than anything else. You can always make money, but money won't buy you love.

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