Quiet company

Today I unloaded my first gas firing since early spring when the COVID nighmare happened. I have ignored my gas kiln in favour of the woodie. Royalty of the firing process had suduced me. It will be the first winter in 4 years that I have spent it at home in my studio in my own quiet company. I am beginning to wonder whether I will get to see my two kids that I love more than gold and my grandchildren that are the apples of my eye. I am quite used to spending Christmas Day alone. I have a Newcastle Brown Ale with my bacon and eggs in the morning and toast my Dad who was my best friend and whom I miss some 42 years later. I usually have a good book to read and indulge in an afternoon nap. Supper will be some kind of extravaganza with lobster, good wine, flowers and a night cap of a top shelf bourbon. Anonymous will be over this post like a fat kid on a jelly bean. The fact that I don't feel guilty for all my blessings. To dwell for a few moments on the beauty and pleasures of our lives is not tanamount to ignoring all the sad and bad things. I'm actually excited about making some new work. Whenever I need good conversation I talk to myself and almost never disagree. Going to spend sometime next week with Clay Dawg Emma Smith firing her new tube kiln that I think is being Christaned 'Bob". We're going to give Bob- Hell. I'm very excited to hang with these young movers and shakers in the clay world. The clay world is in good hands when I fold the towel,sit in a chair, grunt, groan, point and eventually fall asleep before 11 is down. Keep your flame alive my brothers and sisters of clay. T


Anonymous said…
Old Brick kiln Ghost Thrilling horror Haunted scary place

Anonymous said…

Old Brick kiln Ghost Thrilling horror Haunted scary place
Anonymous said…

Paranormal Videos: Ghost Evidence Caught at Haunted Kiln

I investigate the scary true life stories of spirits at creepy abandoned kiln! There are legends of paranormal activity at the haunted Taylor Kilns in Austin, TX. This Central Texas site was a dangerous location to work.

Ghost Buster
Anonymous said…
Abandoned and Haunted Sudbury Ceramic Store


Come look inside if you dare.
Anonymous said…
Ivanka better phone Martha Stewart for advice on how to survive in prison, cause she is gonna be wearing an orange jumpsuit pretty soon. Yeah Ivanka, Orange in the new black.
Anonymous said…
Best if you have a big side order of baked beans with that breakfast, then you can be a one man band, and it won't be so quiet after all.
Dave said…
Was the clay world held in your hands as you are relinquishing it to the younger people? Are you the Clay King of Canada? Snort grunt and be glad for the many ceramicists that abound.
Anonymous said…

Mr Farty's World-Famous Banoffee Pie Recipe - Illustrated

Enjoy, Farty's Fortunes
I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.

Anonymous said…
Haunted and abandoned, has anyone been to this place in Hamilton?

The Ceramic Workshop is a ceramic workshop that it located near Century Manor

Anonymous said…
Century Manor Insane Asylum
Ceramic Workshop Hamilton, Ontario



Read about all the hauntings below:

Anonymous said…
Next time you are in the forest you might want to collect some pine needles.


Anonymous said…
Enjoy watching Home Alone, you and Kevin will have so much in common, except for having to defend his home from two burglars.
Anonymous said…
Eric Carmen - All By Myself (1976)


Quarantine theme song right here.
Anonymous said…
douglas coupland


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