You can run

but you can't hide! I got a wonderful note from outta the blue this morning on FB. I taught Deanna Trask at Wiarton District High School some 30 odd years ago. I started the Co-operative Education Programme in Bruce County and Deanna was my Secretary and my Marketing student. She competed in the MECA/DECA competition in Toronto and came out #1. She and two other of my students Laurie France and Trevor Couch won a spot to compete against 5000 students in New Orleans. We got to go to Nawlins! I am and was very proud of them. They were from a small town of under 2000 people up against the hot shot marketers from big cities from all over North America. We organized business lunches at the local Pacific Hotel where we invited local business people to give talks on different subjects of marketing and retail. The students dressed for success and I coached them on how to present themselves complete with wearing glasses even if they didn't need them. I was a BAD teacher as I remember going to a Nawlins bar with them and having a celebatory drink. They all had fake ID's. We had something to celebrate together. I think back on my life of 42 years of mostly teaching. Teaching is the best job in the world if you enjoy it and I have!
Thank you Deanna for reaching out to me. Let's get together for a legal drink together. TC


Anonymous said…
Praise Bacon

the United Church of Bacon

Praise Bacon If you prefer to praise Vegetarian Bacon or Turkey Bacon that is fine!

Your kinda church?
Who wants wafers when you can have bacon!

Debbie said…
I taught high school inLouisiana for a very long time. Trust me, you weren’t the first teacher to take kids in a bar in NOLA! I always said it’s a great way to make a living, if you don’t need much money.

Anonymous said…
You should have been a high school teacher in Toronto Canada, you could be making between
$90,000 to a $100,000 a year, plus all those lovely extra holiday and vacation days.
Anonymous said…
The Biggest Loser is ex-president and future prison inmate Donald Trump.
Happy times ahead, yeah you can't pardon yourself, they'll follow the money
and finally catch you up in all your lies.

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