Meretricious Pots

I always get in trouble on my blog when I quote two of my pottery heros- Micheal Cardew a fabulous maker and philosopher and now thanks to a video sent to me by my buddy Doc - Richard Batterham my favourite all time potter. Just watched this video It is said in the video RB never made a meretricious pot(pots attractive to the public but have no value or integrity]. Made because someone will like them and maybe not the maker. I have to admit I have made my fair share of meretricious pots when I was raising a family and had no teaching back up. Teaching allowed me to make almost only what I wanted to make. RB says in the video put a handle on it and the pot decreases in value. Man, Richard how I know what you are saying. Now more than ever with online sales and shipping handles are even more of a liability. I have said for years handles take longer to learn than throwing and now with on line shipping there is even more reason not to learn how to make them. I dragged my sorry ass to the studio to make some pots that would be easy to ship. I looked at them and thought they ain't mine yet. I went to work on some handle combinations and then tortured them with slip and my hacksaw. I have a few thoughts in an essay on "where it all going" in the Ohio Functional Ceramics Online Catalogue It is a tribute to folks like the Owens family at Jugtown, to RB and my aunt and uncle at Pinecroft. It is also a shout out to those amazing makers that are out there breaking the rules of tradition and making meretricious pots. Looks like I've covered my ass.
here it's all going!" on the Ohio Functional


Anonymous said…
Wow, meretricious.. apparently attractive but having in reality no value or integrity. is this the new “god of tc” pronunciation? Seriously are you that far above everyone to proclaim this? How godly do you believe you are?
Emma said…
Hey Anonymous, maybe you should be brave and not hide behind “Anonymous”. Sounds like you’re not a fan of Tony’s - so why do you show up and read and comment? Perhaps your time would be better spent elsewhere. You might enjoy it more too.

Jen said…
I agree Emma! I wonder why Anonymous is so upset with Tony.
Anonymous said…
Unrequited Love?
Anonymous said…
Former student, who didn't get a passing grade?
Anonymous said…
Bitter rival?
Anonymous said…

Anonymous worships at the alter of Tony.
Proven by the religious attention they pay.
Reads every post!
Can't miss a one.
Look! Fresh bait!
Comments consistently negatively.
Climbs back into their troll roll
To wait
barking at the next post
Proud they forced him off teh intranets
When he's gone fishing.

Anonymous said…
Don't be vexing!
Anonymous said…
We love you anonymous!

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