Pluck the day

I just finished one of the most interesting of reads on human evolution- "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari. "Fire gave us power. Gossip helped us cooperate. Agriculture made us hungry for more. Mythology maintained law and order. Money gave us something we can really trust. Contradictions created culture. Science made us deadly." I passed a guy on the trail today let's call him Eeyore. He looked troubled. I enthusiastically said "Good morning,it's a beautiful day." He raised his eyebrows and that was the extent of his salutation. Others on the trail had sparkling eyes and their voices sounded joyous. Perhaps Eeyore is a big teddy bear with a heart the size of a grizzlies.
There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells us it's going to be a butterfly.-Buckminister Fuller I think this is a great metaphor for making pots from clay.
Eeyore might have been having a bad day and tonight he will crank up the tunes, make a fine dinner, crack open a bottle of his finest,dance and make love to Mrs. Eeyore. He will be on the trail tomorrow grinning ear to ear. That is my hope for him, anyways. I seem to be making reclaim faster than I'm making pots. Trimming plates will do that for you. I am staring at a garbage pail of reclaim that has me feeling like Eeyore. This feeling will pass and there will be a smile on my face when I make something out of all this slop. Buddhism according to "Sapiens" suggests we must learn to understand the impermanent nature of feelings and stop craving them. All in one day I may feel the joy of my bike ride, the boredom of attending to my reclaim, the anger at the truck whose mirror came inches from my helmet, and I'll watch another episode of Rita tonight and maybe experience lust. Carpe diem- pluck the day. I have had days when I said something that kinda sounds like pluck the day but was quite different. To continue my extensive use of Latin I should have stopped and given Eeyore a little pick me up - illegitimi non carborundum (don't let the bastards wear ya down).


JLK said…
Life can be very good. One makes of it what one wants. Despite Covid life is currently fantastic! Magic can come when least expected.
Anonymous said…
The Blue Mountain Pottery Collectors Club began in 2003 and we currently are 130 members strong worldwide. Members are from Canada, many U.S. States and from across the pond in England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.

fan boy
Tony Clennell said…
Fan Boy: That is amazing! When I was a kid I remember almost every house in Ontario had a piece of Blue Mountain Pottery. They sold BMP in Fine Jewelry Stores. We had a swan. T
Anonymous said…
I saved up my pennies and bought my mother a Blue Mountain Pottery vase from Woolco, and my older sister bought her the classic swan.

fan boy

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