Covid has been a bit like a divorce. People take sides and divide into diffferent camps. Those that are with you and those that are against you. Those that believe in science and their Medical advisors and those that believe they are smarter than these trained professionals. Once an engineer told me my wood kiln chimney would blow down in the first snow storm. I asked him if he had ever built a wood kiln? Of course, he hadn't. The kiln lasted 20 years and the chimney had to be knocked down with the bucket of a tractor. Those that can do. Those that can't criticize. And those that can't criticize follow the critical because their voices are the loudest.
Covid is also being blamed for a labour shortage in the service sector. "People just don't want to work!" says the haves. I got news for you. A labour shortage was present pre Covid. In his book Boom, Bust and Echo Dr. David Short says that 2/3 of everything can be explained by demographics. We are an ageing population and it's only going to get worse. We old wrinklies want to eat out and have young people serve us. Sorry wrinklies we educated the young people and they want to work at higher paid jobs than McPukes or The Waffle House. I'm happily back in the studio on half time. I spend half a day on my health and life maintenance and half a day making Art. I ain't blaming Covid I am giving thanks that I have a more balanced life. Here are some of the pots from the last wood firing. When someone says to you "some of the same ole same old" they haven't been looking very closely.


Anonymous said…
All the anti-vaxers and anti-maskers are apparently taking up all the hospital beds, so all other health care and surgery is delayed and postponed. Like my doctor told me, about having to wait for elective surgery, you are choosing to have the cancer removed, it's not an emergency.

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