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I am teaching a one month Intensive Pottery Workshop Feb 2022 at Claykitchenportugal. I asked my friend and fellow potter David to send me a few shots of the location, the digs, the kiln and the studio. I have been so blessed to have had a career/passion that has taken me to such beautiful places. I am then surrounded with incredibly enthusiastic, energized clay folks who usually wear me out. I wouldn't want it any other way. We have room for 10 students and so far 6 spots have been filled. Email -Irene/David at Clay Kitchen Portugal for the details of the workshop. It's all inclusive with amazing digs, 3 squares, several million dollar view and a full blown clay studio with wood fired train kiln that we will fire off. I wrote the course of study so it is full to overflowing with what I have learned in the past 43 years as a studio potter.
Looks like David rolled out the wine jars getting ready for my arrival. Holy mackerel- good wine, fresh fish, fruit and veg man I will have to be sure to get my exercise in before the day starts.
A room with a view worth millions.
The train kiln. My favourite wood kiln to fire.
Your digs. Seperate room a short walk to the studio. What a beautiful commute to work. I'm going to head over to Portugal a few weeks ahead of time to get climatized to the clay, the studio and do a wine tasting to make sure it is suitable for y'all. I'm then thinking of either walking or cycling the Portugal Camino Trail after the course is over. I am making every effor these days to blurrrrrrrrrr the line between work and play. For tooooooo many years I went to work and came home. We get too soon old and too late smart.


Don H said…
Hopefully Delta and Mu won’t get in your way. Wanted to head to Portugal but but letting us Canucks in.
Anonymous said…
I'm Coming Out

Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out


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