Fairy Tale Endings

We all have plans of how it will all work out. Sometimes, most times it doesn't work out the way we dreamed-sigh! The Knight slays the dragon. Cinderella escapes the wicked step mother and finds the love of her life. I think pottery prepares us very well for the unexpected ending. We dream of how this new slip, glaze, firing will be the best ever and make our lives the stuff of fairy tales. Fame and fortune is in the next kiln load. How many hundreds of times have I been disappointed? If I had a tombstone and I don't want one. I think the one word I would want written is "resilence". Yep, the ability to bounce back from a difficulty. I've had my fair share and with that comes empathy and understanding of people that are down on luck. Sometimes it is a little leg up, a few extra bucks, a great kiln load, an invite to a invitational show or an interested gallery that picks us up to keep making. I wonder how high the shard pile would be if I had stayed in one spot and piled it up? I wonder how many pots went into the slop bucket only to be pugged and thrown again? If I had any idea back then I would have probably quit. I pulled into my driveway from my bike ride today and there in the middle of the driveway was a golden slipper. Hmmm, the dream continues.


Anonymous said…
R.I.P. - resilience in peace
Anonymous said…
If your heart is broken, make art with the pieces.
― Shane K.

That shard pile would be a great monument!

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