Proud of my childrin ( no spelling mistake)

Today I took the day to visit my clay childrin. First stop Emma Smith who is preparing for her solo show at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas. Emma has squirreled away some exceptional work from 3 sucessive wood firings from her wood kiln named "Bob'. I ain't showing you any of the work all lined up on the floor of her gallery as it is a surprise. You will be no doubt surprised by the scale, the surface, the attention to process and the integrity of the work. The title of the show is " A Witness to Life Lived". What this woman has done in her years blows the mind. Give her another 40 years to catch up with me and I want to be at that show. Boom, boom, boom! Really looking forward to this show. Now what to do with my hair? I then went on to visit Mr. K my man clay child. I love Andrew's work. It is so him. It is as sharp as his tongue, abrasive, gestural and yet you can't help but want to hold it. Alexander Keith's Brewery has a slogan" those that love it, love it a lot". Those of us that love Andrew love him a lot. Believe me sometimes it ain't easy!:) Anyways childrin I love your work. You make your clay daddy very proud and now you inspire me to be better.


Anonymous said…
Emma Smith
October 29-November 21, 2021
Artist present in Gallery Friday, October 29th, 7-9:30pm

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