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I'm not good at remembering dates but I think it has been a decade since I taught my young pal Emma Smith at Sheridan College of Craft and Design. We then did a 18 month wood fire mentorship after that and we have maintained a friendship throughout. Emma is my one of my clay children. Where the time has gone I dunno. I know this though the kid has grown in leaps and bounds. Here is a bit of an evolution of her work over the past ten years. Throughout that decade Emma has built two wood kilns and moved several tons of wood and clay.
This is an early cup with what I call a bra strap handle and a very tiny tippy bottom. A sweet little cup for a wee night cap. When we first starting making pots thin and delicate are proof positive we are good throwers.
This skinny thin little bowl is my go to every morning. Don't know why I choose it except that the inner space is perfect for my spooning of granola and kefir. Emma started venturing into linear imagery.
The pots start to become much stonger. They are the right weight and start to become what I would refer to as being potter's pots. An acquired taste, a boldness, a certainty of process.
This little cup was the beginning of Emma's perfecting the dog bone handle. A beautiful handle that is thick at the top and at the termination. Here is an invite to her her one woman show at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas beginning October 29th. I have had a sneak preview of M's work and it is top shelf. Mostly the work is pinched and much more strong than earlier work. Be sure to come and turn over the work and look at the trimming. It is confident as is the work. Well done, kiddo. I'll be there and finding it hard to contain my pride in your progress. She has also become a writer which has created a following. The apple doesn't fall from the tree. Hugs, T


Anonymous said…
The Ten Golden Rules of Ceramics

Anonymous said…
It is both the exercise of making clay things-handling and firing them, as well as the intimacy of touching, living with, and using them which drive me to make more. J.B.
Anonymous said…
A great night to celebrate the artist and her work!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Read, watch, listen and make



Anonymous said…
As things are starting to open up again, will you be teaching any classes or workshops at the Dundas Valley School of Art?
Erin said…
Yes are you teaching in the US soon?
Anonymous said…
The Ceramics Studio at Mohawk College is still closed, but when they resume classes will you be teaching any workshops or classes there? We really need you at Mohawk College.
Anonymous said…
Have you heard about hollow earth theory, would you like to take a journey to the center of the modern hollow earth?

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Anonymous said…
Your blog has gone silent, are you hanging out at Joy Behar's guest house?
I hear from reliable sources it is devine.

Anonymous said…
What Are Boogers
Crazy as it sounds, boogers are good guys when it comes to good health.


The mucus boogers are made from help trap airborne dirt, dust, and debris you inhale through your nose, and make excellent additions on top of glaze to give special effects when firing, so experiment.

from the experimental potter.
Anonymous said…
“Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters. It’s the person.” - The Tenth Doctor Who

Great inspiring work!

Anonymous said…
Was that you I saw on a recent episode of House Hunter International?

Anonymous said…
The Ceramics Congress 2021 November

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Tony Clennell said…
No gigs in the Hamilton?Dundas area nor anything in the US. Off to Portugal for 3 months and then hopefully things will open up again. I do have a workshop at Halliburton School of Art in July (1 week0 Thanks for thinking of me. T

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