Birds of a feather

This is the very first Pop Up Show I have done in my 43 years of selling pots. In the early days I sold at flea markets, hardware stores, craft markets, tourist shops, house parties and just about anywhere I could sell my wares. Covid cancelled almost all of my normal venues so this is going to be a day out with my pals. The beauty of this pop up is I am with people I hang with. We share a love of process, the fire, the clay community and most of all each others good company. Being in a show with these mudslingers keeps you on your toes. Their work will be top drawer so you don't want to be the turd in the punchbowl. You want to sell work of course but it is the eyes of your peers that you feel on you. They are the judge and the jury. You can observe alot by just watching- Yogi Berra. Will they pick up the work? Will they comment on the work? Will they just say nothing? No communication is the strongest form of communication. Six of the seven of us will be presenting mostly wood fired work. We are a couple of kiln teams. Jen Drysdale and Andrew Kellner aka Mr. K regularly fire the Pinecroft kiln with me. Heather Smit, Steve Corner and Zsuzsa Monostory fire with Bruce Cochrane. Michelle Mendelwitz is a friend of Mr. K's from OCADU. All in all a damn fine pack of makers. I can think of no better venue than a bar. People can saddle up to the bar and talk or take a moment to decide on a piece. Don't be afraid to self gift if you love something for your own collection. I often show myself love with a significant piece of art. My Fogo quilt was a large hit for me this fall. It has lead to the painting of my bedroom, new art placements that are a visual treat for me to wake to. I sometimes wrap myself in the quilt and feel the love. It was made with love and things made with love transmit their love. I have tried my best to avoid angry materials and processes like plastic and mass produced. Hoping you come to Amsterdam Brewery to share a beer and a gander with this gaggle of geese, this murder of crows, this parliment of owls, this kettle of hawks, this rookery of penquins, this wake of buzzards and this fine collection of birds of a feather.


Jennie said…
Hope it goes well, you have many pieces made in love. Art is really all about love isn’t it.
gz said…
Have a good time! I really miss shows like that.
smartcat said…
Toes crossed everyone leaves with empty crates and memories of time well shared.

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