The dog and the rabbit

It's been actually 2 months since my last blog. I haven't felt like it. I haven't felt much like getting into the studio either probably since March 2020. I was driving home from morning shopping at my favourite Amish market stand and listening to Ray Wylie Hubbard a bad boy from Texas. I love his lyrics. He sang one about the dog and the rabbit and I realized I missed writing and ranting and the self search that comes along with all of that. Today I was in the studio at 5:30 with new ideas developed during the night for handle termination. I've mostly gone to sleep thinking about what route I will bike in the morning. I didn't ride today and had a very enjoyable day in the studio listening to a program on sleep deprivation. I stayed awake thru it! So here goes the dog and the rabbit with my take on it. I am the rabbit as I was born in the year of the rabbit and the dog is the banker. I saw a dog chasing a rabbit one day. I said to the rabbit "You gonna be OK? I said to the rabbit "You gonna be OK? The rabbit answered " I got to! I got to! So today in the studio I made some jugs with my new termination of the handle that I'm kinda sweet on. I made some gallon sized Texan t-pots where the termination of the spout interests me and the clam shell as a handle lift got covered up buts that's Ok. The plates I made for the dog. I can make them in my sleep and require no mojo.


gz said…
Good to hear from you again...enjoy life!!
Anonymous said…
Welcome back to the rat race.
Anonymous said…
The pairing of the rabbit and dog in Chinese astrology is auspicious since these two signs make excellent life partners. While this isn't a highly passionate combination, it does make for a long-lasting and strong love affair.

Hope you find a nice dawg!
Anonymous said…
Dog Ends?
Anonymous said…
Ray Wylie Hubbard guru of the wayward and a favorite of mine.
One of his wisest musings:
"and the days when I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations- well, I have a really really good day..."!!

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