I've been giving a lot of thought about me this past month. I've decided I'm not a flirter. I commit to things I love. I'm of the "do one thing well school". Pottery I've been doing since I was 6 years old. Yep, that adds up to 65 years of dirty finger nails. Ok, I'm more than a potter. I write about "pottery"! I hang out with people that talk about "pottery"! I collect art but mostly "pottery"! I just curated a show in Virginia about "pottery"! I just made a wonderful dinner and served it up on other potters "pottery"! I teach "pottery"! I have a good library that includes hundreds of books on "pottery". I wrote a book Stuck in the Mud about "pottery"! I am a potter!!! In calling myself a potter, I am being authentic! This has not been a flirtation it has been a long term relationship. My children grew up watching their dad make so many sacifrices to keep the "potter's flag flying" over our home. Blood, sweat and tears but I wouldn't trade it for any other life. My daughter Robin bought my grand daughter Ju-ju a hat she could decorate. She is 6. She wrote on it " find someone weird"! I love this!!! The world needs more weird. I may just qualify and that's why I can't wait to see the little beastie this weekend. Ice cream and chocolate milk await her arrival. I made some pots yesterday. Cups I will call "discreet wine cups" so as not to be a yunomi maker. Yunomi spells wine or bourbon to me. I also made some textured bowls and decided to put the handle on "the low down"! My new love is cycling. I do it like I do pottery. Everyday! It is like coffee. A day without it feels not so good. I do cycling so I can do "pottery" longer in my life. Ok, I'm weird! Come to papa, Ju ju>


Anonymous said…
free range, open range, or under the thumb?

lawnmower parents "mow down" a path for their children removing all obstacles that may cause discomfort, challenges or struggles. This parent not only helps their child but probably does a lot of the work for the child or at least checks to make sure that everything is correct.

The tiger parent is known for putting excellence in academics and carefully chosen extracurriculars above leisure time. Parents are authoritarian and have high expectations. This is tough-love parenting where children are expected to respond to challenges.

Elephant parent, as close to opposite of tiger parenting as possible. These parents value emotional security and connection. Independent sleeping may not occur during the 0-5 years. These parents seek not to raise their voices and value encouragement over academic or athletic success.

Helicopter parents tend to hover, and this can continue through college. Helicopter parents may be over-involved and always assessing risk thus preventing children from developing that skill.

Dolphin parents seek collaboration, flexibility and balance. This parenting is further defined by the acronym POD. P for play and exploration, O for others and D for downtime, which includes rest, exercise and sleep.

Attachment parents desire close contact between baby and caregiver through baby wearing, breastfeeding and co-sleeping. These parents use natural closeness rather than the clock to determine their babies' needs. Parents also emphasize role modeling and positive discipline by using praise and rewards for good behavior and loss of privileges for poor behavior.

Free-range parents allow their kids to walk to school or a nearby playground alone. Young children may be allowed to ride public transportation or shop alone. Free-range parents believe this freedom promotes independence and self-reliance. But it's not been without controversy as others have seen it as dangerous and neglectful.

Which animal are you?
gz said…
You are doing life just right!

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