The Richest Man in the World

Life is not about things! It's about what you leave behind. It's about friendships, love, companionship, sharing, and personal interaction. It's not how many friends you have on FB or Instagram. My friend Emma Smith described them as potato chips not hamburgers. Potato chips are not filling, hamburgers are. Today we met as peers, friends,loved ones not Instagram acquaintance potato chips. I feel I may well be the richest man in the world. Many of my former students are my best friends. Yes, they are younger, they are more 21st century savvy than I but they still hang out with the old master. We don't just talk pots. We talk love, we talk friendships, we talk about ladybugs, there isn't much we don't cover. I taught both of these pals at Sheridan School of Craft and Design. They both took different paths. Emma Smith has been a potter/teacher that attended The University of Hard Knocks. Making pots and carving out an audience that adores her and her work. Amber Zuber went to The Royal College of Art in London, England for her MA and is displaying work all over Europe. If I had the job at Sheridan again what road would I suggest a student follow? Dunno????? I studied at The University of Hard Knocks until I was 55 years old before I went to USU. I was ready then! Life is about always learning. Always being courageous! Always trying to be the best ya can! I made a pact with myself I would become a better cook so I cooked Creole Red Beans and Rice for the pals. It took time to prepare and so it should. They are important to me and things that are important take time. As I glance in the rear view mirror what am I leaving behind? Can't wipe the smile off my face.:)
Creole red beans with sausage and ham hocks. Yummy!
Emma Smith Potter School of Hard Knocks
Amber Zuber Royal College of Art- London Proud of both of you pals! T


Red beans and rice are the ultimate comfort food. I am always happy when there is a pot simmering on the stove.
Dennis Allen said…
Proud to say I know the richest guy in the world ( hint, it's not Leon Musk)
Anonymous said…
MPs will vote later today on whether to endorse a report calling for a public inquiry into foreign election interference — a move that comes after new allegations emerged about Chinese government interference in Canada's affairs.

Dong told the House of Commons late Wednesday night that he will sit as an Independent after Global News published a story he advised a senior Chinese diplomat in February 2021 that Beijing should hold off on freeing Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor — the two Canadians being held by China at the time.

The Global story cited two unnamed national security sources who said Dong, who represents the riding of Don Valley North, suggested releasing the two men would be helpful to the Conservatives. Kovrig and Spavor's detentions were widely considered to be acts of retaliation in response to the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in Canada in 2018 following an extradition request from the U.S.

How long will the Trudeau house of cards last?

Anonymous said…
The Suffering Truth

The performance of our justice
Is mockery in disguise,
Here the truth is substituted
With the grandest of our lies!
It is said it is good business,
The inclusion of a lie...
The end justifies the means here
And limits do not apply.

Yet, growing up we were lectured,
Taught in schools throughout our youth
Lies were wrong and just as sinful,
Truth alone was actual, truth!
Today, truth is truth no longer,
The more it is stressed, beware...
You can almost bet your money
Proof will show it was not there!

Of the wrongs done, then denied,
Where truth, fairness and a justice
All were brazenly defied!
And it matters very little
Whether federal or provincial election interference
Who knew what and when,
Truth has suffered a great loss!

And it leaves one in a quand'ry
Grasping at what he believes,
In this devil may care system
And all those that it conceives,
And it is with futile feelings
That he gazes at our youth...
How will schools instruct these youngsters
On the wrongs and on the truth?

Anonymous said…
Hamaka Volume 01:
making pots

the stories of 18 Canadian potters
Anonymous said…


White Supremacy Has to Be Undone, Decolonizing Museums.

A Crisis of Whiteness in Canada’s Art Museums, the top leadership is all old white women.

You ain't welcome at the Gardiner Museum if you ain't upper class white.

Jan Phelan said…
Tony - you are the best!

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